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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Northstar Action Figure

Another commission job for one of my friends.  I'm SLOWLY working my way to making all of Alpha Flight for him.  First up is Northstar.  Northstar was made by using a ML Quicksilver body with a ML Face Off Series 1 Daredevil variant head.  The rest was just a repaint.  



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comic Book Haikus - November 2010 issues

A lot of books were read for November's books.  Feel free to make comments or write your own haikus for the issues you read!

X-men #5
Vampire war begins
Wow…holy water Iceman!
Vampire reunion

Uncanny X-Force #2
Minotaur, Geisha
Magic carpet, drummer guy
The Final Horseman

X-men Legacy #242
X-men help rebuild
Hellion hates his new hands
Sentinel gone bad

Uncanny X-men #530
Mutants get the flu
A Multiple Chinaman
Power inhalers

Generation Hope #1
Fifth light found
Basically Tetsuo
From film Akira

X-Factor #211
They’re still in Vegas
Zombie vikings from Asgard
Holy crap it’s Thor!

New Mutants #19
New Mutants captured
So Magik only returns
For one New Mutant

X-men: To Serve and Protect #1
The X-Dudes fight crime
Emma Frost takes on Mandrill
Fantomex French feud
Wolverine #3
Wolvey still fights back
Silver Samurai chopped up
Piseed off Colossus

X-23 #3
X-23’s past
Laura battles her demons
Whoa Miss Sinister?!

Daken #3
Daken fakes his death
Fantastic Four in the mix
Poor Mystique is sad

Namor #3 and #4
Loa’s an expert
Namor attacks Aqueos
No more water vamps

Chaos War #3
Galactus gets pwned
Chaos King attacks the gods
That bitch Athena

Chaos War: Thor #1
Thor battle Glory
Thor loses his memory
Glory’s still out there

Chaos War: Chaos King #1
Chaos King takes all
The alien pantheons
Even beats Satan

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1
Heaven is gone
All the dead return
The good and the bad

Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1
The Alpha Flight returns
The Dark Beasts are their allies
They leave them to die

Avengers #7
The Hood reappears
Infinity Gems are back
Red Hulk knocked out!

New Avengers #6
Super Wolverine
Battles with Agamotto
Black guy always dies

Secret Avengers #7
Shang Chi is kidnapped
Shadow council is revealed
Upcoming battles

Lucid #2
Shot with a magic bullet
Must kill the caster

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baroness Action Figure WiP

So I got a commission job to make a Baroness action figure in the 6" scale.  I'm making the Baroness using a DC Universe Donna Troy head with the body of a Marvel Legends Sharon Carter body.  I sculpted all the armor and made the glasses out of soldering wire.   


Final sculpt...

The final paint job to come soon. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Comic Book Haikus - October 2010 issues

So I decided to start a segment called "Comic Book Haikus."  Basically I'm going to write a haiku poem for every comic book issue I read.  I have been putting updates on my facebook and twitter accounts of these haikus as I go.  Then I'll compile all of them for the month and put them into one blog post.  Be sure to make comments on them if you like them, add your own haikus, or even write a haiku about my haikus. 

Uncanny X-men #529
4 of 5 Lights found
Too much going on at once
Emma names gray hairs?

X-men Legacy #241
Children of the Vault

The New X-men save Mumbai
Indra grows a pair

Chaos War #1-2
Chaos King attacks
So in a literal sense
All of Hell breaks loose

New Mutants #18
Heroes fight many

One mutant with weird powers
Has power to scab

X-Factor #210
Rahne goes to doctor

Totes baby daddy drama
Call Maury Povich

Wolverine #2
Wolvy still in Hell
Who are you going to call?
The Ghost Riders! Yeah!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #2
Daken courts Mystique
Demon Wolvey interrupts
He's such a cock block

X-23 #2
Demon Wolvey shows

Hellion shows up, gets stabbed
He can't catch a break

X-men vs. Vampires #2
Vampire chicks on bikes

Battle with a vampire whale
Fatty vampires too

Avengers #6
All time is broken
Need to find a solution
Asks Ultron to quit?

New Avengers #5
New Avengers fight
For Eye of Agamotto
Super Wolverine

Secret Avengers #6
Secret Avengers
Also with Prince of Orphans
Shang-Chi is awesome

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4
The end of series

Super Soldier formula
No more or is it?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Incredible Hercules Comic Book Bind

Here we have my second comic book bind which is a collection of Incredible Hercules.  I was intrigued by the character of Amadeus Cho and then later really started digging the story and all the characters.  I'm slightly disappointed that the bind didn't turn out as well as X-men: Second Coming, but still pretty awesome to have it all in one book.  This was my first bind made from trade paperbacks and I wasn't as careful in separating the pages.  The bindery was probably a little scared to trim the pages since they seemed to be all different sizes.  I love the clean look on the spine though.  So without further ado.  Here's my Incredible Hercules bind.

This collection has Incredible Hercules #112-141 and Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1 and 2.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

My first comic book bind. X-men Second Coming

Ok so I know this isn't a custom action figure, but I've recently started getting into the world of comic book binding. Basically I got a collection of comic books that I collected over the last year or so and took it to a book bindery to get bound. Why get them bound you ask? For me there are three reasons.

  1. It's a nice way of displaying your comic book collections on a bookshelf.
  2. Getting all the issues bound into one book takes up less space than to have it in a box with bags and boards.
  3. I can have the collection in the order I want it and throw in any extra issues I want.
So here it is. X-men: Second Coming...

And here's a list of all the issues in the collection and the order I have it in...

X-men: Second Coming #1
Uncanny X-men #523
New Mutants #12
X-men Legacy #235
X-Force #26
Uncanny X-men #524
X-men: Second Coming Prepare #1 (The part where they are interviewing people)
X-men: Hellbound #1
New Mutants #13
X-men: Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1
X-men Legacy #236
X-Force #27
X-men: Hellbound #2
X-men: Hellbound #3
Uncanny X-men #525
New Mutants #14
X-men Legacy #237
X-Force #28
X-men: Second Coming #2
Uncanny X-men: The Heroic Age #1
Wolverine Weapon X #16
X-men: Second Coming Prepare (portion where they talk about the Phoenix in general)
X-men: Phoenix Force Handbook (2 pages about Hope)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mighty Bluebeam Action Figure

This commission job kind of came on a whim. Basically I was on the website of a particular PDF editing software that I use at work called Bluebeam. To make a long story short I saw on their website that they had a mascot super hero on their twitter backround so I just contacted them to see if they were interested in me making an action figure of their character.

Mighty Bluebeam was created from a Marvel Legends Yellowjacket action figure. I sculpted all the parts of the head and the rest was pretty much a repaint.



They were pretty happy with the results. They even blogged about here!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Warpath X-Force Action Figure (black and gray costume)

Ever since Messiah War I've been a big fan of the new X-Force team. So I'm going to work my way into making the entire team. The first one to be made is Warpath. Warpath was made from a Marvel Legends Doc Samson with a Marvel Legends Hulkling legs. The knives are modified Legendary Heroes Clownface knives.



Friday, July 9, 2010

Jake and Lynne Action Figures

This next commission job was a wedding gift for one of my best friends Lynne and her now husband Jake.

Basically I decided to put the lovely couple in super hero form, so I got my friend from Havana Designs to draw me a super hero caricatures of them and I'd make the action figures of that picture. I gave her the color scheme they wanted, the weapons used, and the general costume design. Lynne wanted a skirt and cape, and Jake wanted a cape and battleaxe. From there Havana created this...

I had to use a mix of parts and due to being a bit rushed to get this done before their wedding I completely forgot to take prelim pictures.

So for my friend Lynne I used a Marvel Legends 2-pack Elektra for the body followed by the head of an ML X-23. The hair, nose, and gold amulet were sculpted. The cape, sword, and shield came from a ML Taskmaster and were modified to look more like the picture. The skirt came from an ML Dr. Doom.



For Jake I used a ML Antman for the base and an Aquaman head. The green sashes, gold amulet, knee pads, and pointy things on the gloves were all sculpted. I took the cape from a ML Black Panther and the battleaxe from an ML Thor.



There you have it. Lynne and Jake back to back ready to take on whatever life throws at them with their weapons of mass destruction. Congratulations you two!!!