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Monday, June 13, 2011

Baroness Action Figure v2

Got a commission to do another Marvel Legends scale Baroness based off the Baroness I made before. This time Baroness was made with a DC Universe Donna Troy with a Marvel Legends Domino arms.



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heroes Con 2011 signatures and sketches

June 3-5 was Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.  It was a pretty amazing con and got to meet a bunch of artists and writers.  I'm definitely going to go back every year when I can.

So day 1 I was on a mission to get signatures and sketches in all my binds.  Took me most of the day and a few trips back and forth to my car carrying these books around.  My shoulder was killing me afterwards.

Annihilation: Conquest Bind - Sketch and signature by Mike Lilly.  Signatures of Scott Hanna and Bob Almond
Civil War Vol. 1 Bind - Signatures from Scott Hanna, Dexter Vines, and Laura Martin
Civil War Vol. 2 Bind - Sketch and Signature from Scott Hanna. Signatures from Dexter Vines and Tim Townsend
Incredible Hercules Bind - Sketch/Signatures from Clayton Henry, David A. Williams, Ed McGuinness, and Chris Haley. Signature from Gabriel Hardman.
Chaos War Bind - Sketch/Signature from Tommy Lee Edwards, Bob McLeod, Brandon Peterson, Dan Panosian, and Ed McGuiness.  Signatures from Rick Ketchum
Immortal Iron Fist Bind - Signature from Matt Fraction

X-men: Second Coming Bind - Signatures from Brian Reber, Matt Wilson, and Matt Fraction
So yeah it was both awesome and exhausting.  It was pretty funny that Brandon Peterson started drawing a Black Bolt in my Chaos War bind.  Not wanting to pull out my inner nerd voice Black Bolt wasn't in Chaos War! I asked nicely "Was Black Bolt in Chaos War?"  He replied back saying "Aw crap no he isn't is he?" so he just drew a word bubble on Black Bolt saying "I was in War of Kings."  

And finally I got a great sketch on a blank #9 issue of Darkwing Duck from James Silvani.  He made me a Nightcrawler Darkwing Duck.
Nightcrawler Darkwing Duck

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Samus Action Figure Redesign

So there was a custom contest on Figure Realm to make an armored character.  I decided I was going to  make Samus from Metroid but with some slight changes. I wanted make it so she doesn't have super huge shoulder pads anymore. The base was made from an Iron Man Movie (Wave 1 Walmart Exclusive) Iron Man - Stealth Operations suit.  The shoulder pads were made from modified ML Ant Man helmets. The gun came from some random transformer gun I had lying around. Everything else was sculpted.  The forums voted it to be a 3.05 out of 5.  Not my best work, but it was still fun to make.