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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baroness Action Figure WiP

So I got a commission job to make a Baroness action figure in the 6" scale.  I'm making the Baroness using a DC Universe Donna Troy head with the body of a Marvel Legends Sharon Carter body.  I sculpted all the armor and made the glasses out of soldering wire.   


Final sculpt...

The final paint job to come soon. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Comic Book Haikus - October 2010 issues

So I decided to start a segment called "Comic Book Haikus."  Basically I'm going to write a haiku poem for every comic book issue I read.  I have been putting updates on my facebook and twitter accounts of these haikus as I go.  Then I'll compile all of them for the month and put them into one blog post.  Be sure to make comments on them if you like them, add your own haikus, or even write a haiku about my haikus. 

Uncanny X-men #529
4 of 5 Lights found
Too much going on at once
Emma names gray hairs?

X-men Legacy #241
Children of the Vault

The New X-men save Mumbai
Indra grows a pair

Chaos War #1-2
Chaos King attacks
So in a literal sense
All of Hell breaks loose

New Mutants #18
Heroes fight many

One mutant with weird powers
Has power to scab

X-Factor #210
Rahne goes to doctor

Totes baby daddy drama
Call Maury Povich

Wolverine #2
Wolvy still in Hell
Who are you going to call?
The Ghost Riders! Yeah!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #2
Daken courts Mystique
Demon Wolvey interrupts
He's such a cock block

X-23 #2
Demon Wolvey shows

Hellion shows up, gets stabbed
He can't catch a break

X-men vs. Vampires #2
Vampire chicks on bikes

Battle with a vampire whale
Fatty vampires too

Avengers #6
All time is broken
Need to find a solution
Asks Ultron to quit?

New Avengers #5
New Avengers fight
For Eye of Agamotto
Super Wolverine

Secret Avengers #6
Secret Avengers
Also with Prince of Orphans
Shang-Chi is awesome

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4
The end of series

Super Soldier formula
No more or is it?