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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comic Book Haikus - November 2010 issues

A lot of books were read for November's books.  Feel free to make comments or write your own haikus for the issues you read!

X-men #5
Vampire war begins
Wow…holy water Iceman!
Vampire reunion

Uncanny X-Force #2
Minotaur, Geisha
Magic carpet, drummer guy
The Final Horseman

X-men Legacy #242
X-men help rebuild
Hellion hates his new hands
Sentinel gone bad

Uncanny X-men #530
Mutants get the flu
A Multiple Chinaman
Power inhalers

Generation Hope #1
Fifth light found
Basically Tetsuo
From film Akira

X-Factor #211
They’re still in Vegas
Zombie vikings from Asgard
Holy crap it’s Thor!

New Mutants #19
New Mutants captured
So Magik only returns
For one New Mutant

X-men: To Serve and Protect #1
The X-Dudes fight crime
Emma Frost takes on Mandrill
Fantomex French feud
Wolverine #3
Wolvey still fights back
Silver Samurai chopped up
Piseed off Colossus

X-23 #3
X-23’s past
Laura battles her demons
Whoa Miss Sinister?!

Daken #3
Daken fakes his death
Fantastic Four in the mix
Poor Mystique is sad

Namor #3 and #4
Loa’s an expert
Namor attacks Aqueos
No more water vamps

Chaos War #3
Galactus gets pwned
Chaos King attacks the gods
That bitch Athena

Chaos War: Thor #1
Thor battle Glory
Thor loses his memory
Glory’s still out there

Chaos War: Chaos King #1
Chaos King takes all
The alien pantheons
Even beats Satan

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1
Heaven is gone
All the dead return
The good and the bad

Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1
The Alpha Flight returns
The Dark Beasts are their allies
They leave them to die

Avengers #7
The Hood reappears
Infinity Gems are back
Red Hulk knocked out!

New Avengers #6
Super Wolverine
Battles with Agamotto
Black guy always dies

Secret Avengers #7
Shang Chi is kidnapped
Shadow council is revealed
Upcoming battles

Lucid #2
Shot with a magic bullet
Must kill the caster

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