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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Death Gambit - X-men: Hellbound Action Figure

A friend asked me to make him a Death Gambit from X-men: Hellbound #1-3, a tie-in to the Second Coming Crossover.

From the pages of X-men: Hellbound #2

Death Gambit was made with a Marvel Legends Havok, ML Bullseye hands, and a ML Professor X head.  I glued wire for the lining on the shirt, used the trench coat from the ML Gambit, and belt from a ML Captain America.  The demon head is a severed head of Malebolgia from an old Spawn figure I had.  I know it's a lot bigger than the one in the comic but I just thought it looked pretty badass.  Everything else was sculpted.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sasquatch Action Figure

Another member of Alpha Flight made for my friend Josh Green.  We have a custom Sasquatch action figure.  Sasquatch was made using a ML Wendigo body and a ML King Hulk Head.  I sculpted hair on the shoulders, head, and lower legs.  I took the loin cloth hair from the ML Sasquatch.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Comic Book Haikus - December 2010 Issues

Uncanny X-Force #3
Final Horseman's Past
Psylocke uses sexiness
Deadpool pitches tent

Deadpool #30
Deadpool fights vampires
All of them are Draculas
He rules and they suck

X-men #6
Xarus in trouble
Some Dracula discipline

Uncanny X-men #531
Mutants are still sick
Centerfold pose while talking
Got to love Greg Land

X-men Legacy #243
More Hellion jokes
Omega Sentinel gone
Hey look ma, no hands!

X-men: To Serve and Protect #2
Colossus tramp stamp
Ghost Rider is a redneck?
X-dudes are awesome

X-Factor #212
Shatterstar finds out
Of Wolfsbane's baby daddy
Darwin, lord of death

New Mutants #20
Start war with demons
Moonstar is pretty badass
Legion is released

Generation Hope #2
Cyclops, Wolvey, Rogue
Still battling the fifth light
Oh! It's Godzilla!

Wolverine #4
Fight with Colossus
Fastball special into wall
Colossus bleeding?

Daken: Dark Wolverine #4
Daken still alive
Now with the Fantastic Four
Wants to "flame on" Torch?

X-23 #4
Laura hitchhiking
Kills a guy with her picture
Gambit psychic friend

Namor: The First Mutant #5
Faces of Namor
Battles guys riding some sharks
Show ties with Loa

Heroes for Hire #1
Control calls hero
Are you for hire tonight?
Enjoying this book

Secret Avengers #8
The Shadow Council
They kidnap Steve Rogers' girl
They done made him mad

New Avengers #7
Finding a nanny
New Avengers have paychecks
Nanny is Squirrel girl

Avengers #8
Red Hulk gets knocked out
Illuminati is back
They are so busted

Chaos War: God Squad #1
God Squad runs away
Get help from Japanese gods
Then they turn on them

Incredible Hulks #618-619
Hulks come back to earth
Abomination comes back
Fight between the dead

Chaos War: Ares #1
Nothing important
Ares back stories
He's with Chaos King

Chaos War #4
Athena attacks
Only a few gods are left
Start Continuum 

Chaos War: Thor #2
We have got to pray
Pray! Pray! We have got to pray
To win it today

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2
More about their past
They're battling the Reaper
A useless story

Chaos War: X-men #1
Dead X-men are back
No Nightcrawler or Cable
They fight crow spirits