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Monday, May 19, 2014

X-O Manowar Action Figure

This is another commission for my friend Travis Fowler, known for his 8-bit art. He wanted me to make him a X-O Manowar action figure from Valiant Comics. X-O Manowar was made using a DC Universe Booster Gold figure. ALL the armor was sculpted.  I used some clear plastic from a pack of Sharpie markers I bought to make the screen on the helmet. The material was similar to a pocket protector so it was flexible and easy to work with. Finally the sword was made by cutting out the shape of the sword from blister pack plastic and gluing strands of soldering wire to the sword.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cable and Deadpool Minions

I made Cable and Deadpool Minions. They are made from pill shaped pens, electrical wire for arms, and and the rest is sculpted. You can order your own set by clicking here.