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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Civil War Comic Book Bind...

Civil War 2 volume bind...Who's side are you on?  Special thanks to my buddy Josh for hooking me up with most of these issues.


Immortal Iron Fist Comic Book Bind

My Immortal Iron Fist bind...


This collection contains trade paperbacks of Immortal Iron Fist volumes 1-5 and Immortal Weapons.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gambit - Battle Damage

Ok so it's Valentine's Day!  So basically my friend Corwin and I decided to make a V-day gift for our friend Elizabeth aka "Mistress Lebeau."  If you can tell by her name she MIGHT be a little obsessed with Gambit.  We decided to go with Gambit with battle damage (basically giving an excuse for him to be shirtless).  Hope you like it Liz!

This Gambit was made using a ML Ant Man body, ML Gambit legs, and a ML Wonder-man head.  The staff was made from a wooden dowel rod and the charged card came from a ML Gambit. 



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comic Book Haikus - January 2011 Issues

Uncanny X-men #532 
Emma with a gun?
Collective Man defeated
"Tidy" means it's "cool"

X-men Legacy #244
A Filler Issue
An invisible monster
Time for Age of X

Uncanny X-Force #4
Lots of fighting and killing
Alien Chicken

X-men #7
Crime fighter X-men
A super hero Craigslist
It's spelunking time!

Deadpool #31
Fear them! Team Deadpool
Some holy water sprinklers
You should Google it

X-men: To Serve and Protect #3
Thor Storm with mohawk
The Serpent Society
Prepare to get ROCKED!

X-Factor #213
Darwin leaves the team
Monet tanning on the roof
Oh well hellooooooo nurse!

X-Factor #214
Darwin in the West
Fights a dragon and sheriff
Was it all a dream?

Generation Hope #3
Kenji is defeated
There's more signs of the Phoenix
The hands can't wander

New Mutants #21
Guthrie gets even
How Magik got her soul back
Pixie gets her's too

Age of X Alpha #1
Mask of Basilisk
With Garage Door Opener
Paige...naked stone chick

Wolverine and Jubilee #1
Rockslide spittin' game
Jubilee having problems
Hates telporting

Wolverine #5
Logans are assholes

Mystique bitch slapped with a skull
Puck's ruler of hell

X-23 #5
Other cloned children
Miss Sinister's a man
What's happening next?

Magneto #1
A nicer Magnus
Goofy grins throughout the book
Kills sewer monster

Heroes For Hire #2
There's Silver Sable
Ghost Rider has a cell phone?
Palladin's wary

Avengers #9 
Infiniti gems
Illuminati exposed
Talking heads issue

New Avengers #8
A date night gone wrong
White folks shouldn't say "boo-yah"
Women don't like it

Avengers Academy #8
Academy kids find
Tape of Tigra and The Hood
Someone gets expelled

Secret Avengers #9
Such beautiful art
Jon Steele battles Steve Rogers
Ah...sneaky Moon Knight

Incredible Hulks #620
Dead friends and dead foes
Just give them something to smash
Final fight ensues

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3
Dead Avengers save
Unconscious Super Heroes
They're on a jet bitch!

Incredible Hulks #621
Chaos War is done
Hulk is quite pissed at the gods
It's Hulk vs. Zeus

Chaos War: X-men #2
Cuckoos turn to birds
Not involved with Chaos War
Flips buyers the bird 

Lucid #3
Ties with Camelot
There's third-eye amplifiers
The Illuminot