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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comic Book Haikus - January 2011 Issues

Uncanny X-men #532 
Emma with a gun?
Collective Man defeated
"Tidy" means it's "cool"

X-men Legacy #244
A Filler Issue
An invisible monster
Time for Age of X

Uncanny X-Force #4
Lots of fighting and killing
Alien Chicken

X-men #7
Crime fighter X-men
A super hero Craigslist
It's spelunking time!

Deadpool #31
Fear them! Team Deadpool
Some holy water sprinklers
You should Google it

X-men: To Serve and Protect #3
Thor Storm with mohawk
The Serpent Society
Prepare to get ROCKED!

X-Factor #213
Darwin leaves the team
Monet tanning on the roof
Oh well hellooooooo nurse!

X-Factor #214
Darwin in the West
Fights a dragon and sheriff
Was it all a dream?

Generation Hope #3
Kenji is defeated
There's more signs of the Phoenix
The hands can't wander

New Mutants #21
Guthrie gets even
How Magik got her soul back
Pixie gets her's too

Age of X Alpha #1
Mask of Basilisk
With Garage Door Opener
Paige...naked stone chick

Wolverine and Jubilee #1
Rockslide spittin' game
Jubilee having problems
Hates telporting

Wolverine #5
Logans are assholes

Mystique bitch slapped with a skull
Puck's ruler of hell

X-23 #5
Other cloned children
Miss Sinister's a man
What's happening next?

Magneto #1
A nicer Magnus
Goofy grins throughout the book
Kills sewer monster

Heroes For Hire #2
There's Silver Sable
Ghost Rider has a cell phone?
Palladin's wary

Avengers #9 
Infiniti gems
Illuminati exposed
Talking heads issue

New Avengers #8
A date night gone wrong
White folks shouldn't say "boo-yah"
Women don't like it

Avengers Academy #8
Academy kids find
Tape of Tigra and The Hood
Someone gets expelled

Secret Avengers #9
Such beautiful art
Jon Steele battles Steve Rogers
Ah...sneaky Moon Knight

Incredible Hulks #620
Dead friends and dead foes
Just give them something to smash
Final fight ensues

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3
Dead Avengers save
Unconscious Super Heroes
They're on a jet bitch!

Incredible Hulks #621
Chaos War is done
Hulk is quite pissed at the gods
It's Hulk vs. Zeus

Chaos War: X-men #2
Cuckoos turn to birds
Not involved with Chaos War
Flips buyers the bird 

Lucid #3
Ties with Camelot
There's third-eye amplifiers
The Illuminot

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