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Saturday, June 30, 2012

She-Hulk Comic Book Binds and Heroes Con 2012 sketches

Got some new binds from the bindery.  Here is the most recent run of She-Hulk by Dan Slott and Peter David.  It was just a really fun book.

She-Hulk vol. 1: Single Green Female
She-Hulk (2004) #1-12
She-Hulk (2005) #1-14

She-Hulk vol. 2: Jaded
She-Hulk (2005) #15-27
She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision #1
She-Hulk (2005) #28-30
X-Factor #33
She-Hulk (2005) #31
X-Factor #34
She-Hulk (2005) #32-38

Heroes Con 2012 is in the books.  This was the first time I ever tabled at a major con.  This year I sold action figures while promoting Earth's Mightiest Podcast.  I got to talk to a lot of great creators and fans.  It was a great time.

Sean Chen sketch in my Annihilation Conquest bind

Mike Choi sketch in my X-men: Second Coming Bind

James Silvani sketch (Darking Duck) and Amy Mebberson sketch (Gozalyn) in my Darkwing Duck bind

Stuart Immonen sketch in my Avengers: The Heroic Age vol. 1 bind

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