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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Comic Book Haikus - October 2011 issues

Invincible Iron Man #509
Out the Uru bath
Tony has spikey armor
The weapons are made

Fear Itself #7
Cap with Thor's Hammer
An Avengers/Tron mashup
The rest is previews

Fear Itself: The Home Front #7
Speedball saves the day
More samurai sharks with guns
Cho's kicked in the nards

Avengers Academy #20
One student is gone
Speedball and Justice are gone
Off to the west coast

New Mutants #32
Hela is not dead
The New Mutants save the day
You can skip this book

Fear Itself: The Fearless #1

Valkyrie and Sin
A hunt for all the hammers
This is 12 issues?

Avengers #18

Mockingbird stink eye
Yeah...Stay out of Wong's kitchen
He'll cut off your @#$@#

New Avengers #17

Over at Stark's Lab
A giant robot attacks
Hey! Don't just hit it!

Secret Avengers #18
Sharon now has Satan's Claw
There's lots of jumpkicks

Herc #9

Zeus is fat and drunk
Herc has a loyal nerds three
Called the Herculoids

Moon Knight #6

The west coast Kingpin
Has a cape and monocle
Avengers show up

X-men Schism #5
Sentinel goes down
Cyclops and Wolverine fight
West coast/East coast beef

X-men Regenesis #1
The sides are chosen
Cyclops gets all the hot chicks
Toad's the janitor

Uncanny X-men #544
More about Schism
Sinister has a pimp cane
Cyclops is no fun

Wolverine #17
Wolvy Black Dragon
Goro with a polo shirt
Guerilla team-up

Wolverine and the X-men #1
Class is in session
First day as the headmaster
Hey! The Brood baby!

Generation Hope #12
Transonic needs clothes
Velocidad is a pimp
and Hope needs a hug

X-men Legacy #257
Friendless is alive
Controlling all the leaders
Redhand betrayal

X-men #19
A slingshot special
It's not a fastball special
Wolverine slamdunk

Uncanny X-Force #16
Deadpool sings "Milkshake"
An AoA Blob buttslam
Oh the smell! The taste!

X-Factor #226
Pip makes a sag joke
A villain named the Hangman
Where does he hang from?

X-23 #15
It is raining spears
There's some Uni-Power stuff
Demon king head butt

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