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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Comic Haikus - August 2011 Issues

Fear Itself #5
The Serpent appears
The Thing is Worthy no more
"Hey Beardo--SUCK IT!"

Fear Itself: The Home Front #5
Victims are inspired
Hey! Samurai sharks with guns!
Yay! No Jimmy Woo!

Avengers Academy #17
Kids finally head home
The boys look at Tigra's boobs
The Worthy attack

Avengers Academy #18
The Worthy attack
The cover is misleading
The mansion's growing!

Avengers #16
Steve mourns for Bucky
Chick looks like Maria Hill
They fight some Nazi's

New Avengers #15
Squirrel Girl fights Nazis
Even takes on Wolverine

Invincible Iron Man #507
Tony is still drunk
Rescue and Hammer fight Mokk
A golem is made

Fear Itself: The Deep #3
Lyra doesn't pray
She's your FACE!
Demons are banished

Heroes for Hire #10
Gargoyle turns to stone
Purple Man's got Elektra
Misty's in the field

Uncanny X-men #542
Gambit charged Rockslide
Cyttorak's new Avatar
Colossonaut. Yay!

New Mutants #29
Dani helps Hela
Cypher cannot spell "Hel" right
One L not two L's!

New Mutants #30
Sunspot looks like Beast
Mephisto asks for a date
Amara agrees

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #2
Wolvey kills him one
Deadpool isn't so graceful
One of them goes boom.

Herc #6
Kyknos defeated
Because the people BELIEVE?!?
Brooklyn is Herc's town!

Herc #6.1
Hermes looks for Herc
Zeus as a Korean star
Big Greek orgy scene

Secret Avengers #16
Some fancy disc guns
An Atomic Cadillac
Moon Knight piggyback

Moon Knight #4
Echo meets Moon Knight
Moon Knight gets costume on quick
Where does he hide it?

X-men: Schism #3
Some evil rich kids
Face hugger roly polies
The Schism begins

Generation Hope #10
Idie is bad ass
Idie gets educated
Who needs to be killed?

X-men #15.1
Demon Indians
The girl Ghost Rider appears more demons

X-men #16
X-men and FF
Cyclops and Magneto's ex
Fastball Special fail

X-men Legacy #253
Legion in clever
Endgame says his name a lot
The crew goes to space

X-men Legacy #254
Four-armed aliens
Hey...Havok and Polaris
Who are the bad guys?

Uncanny X-force #13
Iceman is a bitch
Guns instead of playing cards
Fantomex. Sick burn!

Uncanny X-force #14
Age of Archangel
Two guys and a robot left
Wolverine is fried

X-factor #223
Strong Guy has no soul?
Three-headed dog with hammer
The werewolves fight it

Wolverine #13
More Red Right Hand past
Finally at the last stage
A guy with gun-knives

Wolverine #14
Final plan revealed
Now that's what I call revenge
Man, that's so messed up!

X-23 #13
Symbol in the sky
An elevator made of
Pure Spider-awesome

Astonishing X-men #41
Mentallo loses
Smashed with money container
Armor gets some hugs

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