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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Psylocke Action Figure

I started wanting to have a full collection of all the X-men in their costumes from the 90's. So I here now give you Psylocke. Although I thought Psylocke on the Marvel Legends line was decent, I decided that I was going to try to make a better one. My custom Psylocke was made from a Marvel Legends Psylocke head and a Marvel Legends Twin Pack Series 1 Elektra body. I made the Psylocke head to look more Asian and also gave her more of a ponytail style hair. The Elektra body was better proportioned as well as had hands that could hold a sword and psychic knife. The belt came from the original Psylocke, the sword came from the Elektra figure, and the hair and was sculpted. The psychic knife was something I bought on ebay while back and was repainted.



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